We’ve created a new and relaxing space

for you to enjoy special premium meat cuts

and a carefully selected list of beer’s, drinks and wines.

Among our best cuts are the simmenthal flank steak, filet mingon, rubia galega and the 40 days dry age tomahawk.
Other specialties of the house include the ultra soft pork belly and the seven hour's caramelized roasted rib's with home made barbecue.

Bos means bovine in Latin and 54 degrees is the optimum meat temperature. We grill our meats just enough to keep the flavour and suculence.

The slogan In Bos Veritas is an invitation to celebrate friendship with a brink and a meat cooked to perfection. It’s an analogy on the truth that is born after a taste of wine.

​If at meal time the meat is the main focus at night the bar takes central stage whit classic to bold cocktails and drinks.